Mobile Web in Africa 2011– THE carnival Mobile Tech event

Mobile Web in Africa 2011 - a carnival of mobile tech

There are events that are nice to go to. There are events that as someone in the industry you should attend. But then there are events that you absolutely-positively-without-fail must attend.

This event is the Mobile Web in Africa 2011. Now most “normal” conferences have a start date and an end date – but not this one. This is anything but normal. This event is a carnival of Mobile Tech happening throughout the week. It is so jam packed with good stuff that there are in fact two overflow days and event an evening event !

    • Monday 21st November – Mobile Monday Jo’burg End of Year Celebration
    • Tuesday 22nd November – “This is Mobile Marketing” Focus Day
    • Wednesday 23rd November – First Day of Mobile Web in Africa 2011 Main Conference
    • Thursday 24th November – Second Day of Mobile Web in Africa 2011 Main Conference
    • Friday 25th November – Tomi Ahonen and Dr. Marc Smith Workshops

This is the 3rd year that the event is running and is clearly a fixture on the SA Mobile Tech schedule. The organisers ,All Amber Ltd, didn’t mess around with the location of this 5 *  event and found a truly suitable 5 * venue  – the 5* Hyatt Regency, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. Now that’s style !

The line up of speakers is just ridiculously fab that even the know-it-all in the industry will find great take-home value.

An awesome mixture of local South African super stars such as: Alan Knott-Craig, Walter Pike, Toby Shapshak, Candice Goodman, Janice Allem, Richard Walton, Brett St. Clair  etc. etc. etc. etc.,  and international legends too including Toni Ahonen (hong Kong), Marc Smith (USA), David Erasmus (UK), Michael de Sousa (Singapore) etc. etc. etc. etc..  there are literally too many speakers to mention. The official site had the full list and each speaker’s bio too:

I can not wait to attend the conference and will obviously be doing my Blog thing you can follow me on Twitter for live tweets from the event.

i would recommend that you clear your diary, make a plan to get to Johannesburg and get yourself to Mobile Web in Africa 2001


More information can be found on the main site:

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