Mobile Monday does it again and again and again

Mobile Monday - RorotikaMobile Monday - Rorotika

I am not sure how Mobile Monday does it. There must be some secret that they are not sharing.

Once again, last night’s Mobile Monday event was simply sensational !

There were over 300 registered people at the Rorotika sponsored event and once again the mix of people was a reflection on the South African landscape. All types of industries attended from the high-end multinational Telco corporates to the start-up entrepreneurs to the brand agencies to the “marketing-chicks” [yes a direct quote]

The theme for the evening’s event was “Changing the World through Innovation” where pre-selected mobile innovators had the opportunity to pitch to the crowd their innovative idea. The winner was given the opportunity to becomes part of the Rorotika incubation program.

Mobile Monday - Rorotika CrewMobile Monday - Frans - CEO

Frans, Rorotika’s CEO, described how Africa has amazing resources but when it comes to technology “the lights were off”. Rorotika mission is to take passionate people with ideas and make them successful. Africa for Africa.

Mobile Monday - Innovators pitching

First up to present was David Vannucci from Appceptional. They are a startup specialising in creating apps and hand drawn animations. Famously they have been involved with the National Planning Commission [awesome video]

Mobile Monday - Innovators pitching

Next up was Toby Kurien – showing a killer app: Zombie vs. Man = Zombie win. His app is a Bluetooth remote control and app for your smartphone called BlueMot

[here is Toby’s killer Video]

Mobile Monday - Innovators pitching

Next speaker was Rob Maclean from Satpack Travel. They specialise in building Google maps that include user-generated content, geo-location, routing and compatibility with any smartphone, tablet or PC.

[here is Rob’s video]

Mobile Monday - Innovators pitching

The wild card was SunPouch by SunToy who demonstrated their Solar Powered Cases which they would like to bring to market

After much debate the very accurate “crowd-applause-o-meter” declared Toby as the winner! He won not just the opportunity to be part of the Rorotika incubation program but also a Galaxy Note from Samsung.

The rest of the evening was spent networking, drinking on a “rinse & repeat cycle” Smile

All around business cards were being exchanged, heavy discussions around technology could be heard over the clunking of beer bottles and red wine and no one wanted to leave until eventually we were told “its time to go…”

Speaking to Richard Walton and Janice Allem (the co-chairs of Mobile Monday) I asked “how do they do it ? Month after month the turnout keeps growing something unheard of in the IT/ Tech/ Mobile industry. Richard and Janice both replied almost in unison: “Look around. Its not our event, its the people’s event – they make it happen and create the vibe and buzz and the business opportunities”.

Who would want to miss out on this ?

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