Microsoft 2008 Launch

As a Microsoft Partner I have had the chance to install Windows Server 2008 a while ago before its official launch. This way I get a hands on experience with this product so that I can recommend it to my customers and tell them about its benefits etc. before this become Public.

I had some issues with the server software and so when the invitation to the Official HERO Happen {here} Launch arrived to launch the 2008 server, I was rather excited to see and discuss this server software with other propeller-heads.

I have just come back from this event and what a waste of time it was !!! It was SO bad that I spend the first 3 hours SMSing my mates asking if the World Championship Knitting competition was still on…yip, it was that bad…

So this is what happened:

I arrived at the venue to find a massive queue of people who are waiting to be let in (this is after we all pre-registered). This was not bad as the queue moved quickly – so far so good.

The MC was a local comedian which thank goodness was there to breathe some life into this event.

The speeches started with speaker after speaker after speaker virtually repeating everything the other speaker said.

Don’t get me wrong – no disrespect to speakers. They spoke about how great the benefits were to them – which is brilliant. But since they were given such a short time to speak they didn’t go into any detail and basically gave us such a thin overview it was pointless.

The demos were so quick they might as well not have done them.

We got it – there are great new benefits, we u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d !!!

It such a pity as I am sure it cost big bux to put this on – but there was very little flare, very little knowledge-gain and the OOMPH factor was defiantly missing.

The problem in my not-so-humble opinion, is that they tried to cater to both serious geeks/propeller-heads who were looking for techie nuggets of wisdom and to sales/marketing people who will hopefully sell millions of this stuff.

From this techie guy – all I can say is that to be more productive for everyone there should have been a one hour (verses the 4 hours before I manage to leave) , intensive session with techies AND then on a different day a one hour marketing come-check-our-new-features overview with sales people.

Sorry guys, for this HERO it did {NOT happen}

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