Meet the Teams–and then vote for your favorite

Garage48 is progressing and its coming to an end. So before you help and vote for the winning team, here is some info on the various teams and what they have been up to. Note that final presentations are happening at 17:30 so come and check them out LIVE at Vodaworld

Siyavaya – means: “we are going”

Siyavaya TeamSiyavaya Team

This team has built an application that works out for you how to get from point A to point B using public transport. You simply enter your start and destination and the system gives you all the available options including costs so that you can make an informed decision.

The reason this app was chosen was to cater for the 3.9 million daily commuters who use public transport. These are divided into 63% who use taxi, 22% who use the train and 15% who use the bus.

This app will also allow tourists the opportunity to use public transport where all information is centralised and available via this app.

Interesting to note that should you wish to travel to a point that is not listed on the system, you are able to post it and fellow transport users can advise you.

More info:

Twitter: @Siyavaya

Social Vouchers

Social Village

This is a team that would like to eliminate the misuse of money when it comes to NGO sponsored programmes. This system allows the NGO to SMS the voucher to their customer who can redeem it at a recognised merchant.

The Voucher is sent via SMS so it caters for all phones and this system is currently being marketed via Facebook, Twitter and Linked in groups focusing on NGOs.

Twitter: @SocialVillage1

Medi Minder

Medi Minder TeamMedi Minder Team

This system aims to assist the medical sector where it is an automated facility that reminds patients to take their prescriptions. The reason for this is due to the TB infection where patients take their medication and being to heal and therefore feel better. Patients then stop taking their medication half way through the course and this leads to a stronger stands of TB and patient gets sick again.

The system will send the patient an SMS asking if they have taken their medication and if no answer is given, the system will place a voice call to the patient to find out why they haven’t taken their medication.

This system can also be used with educational messages that can be broadcast to the patients encouraging them along their treatment.

This could also be expanded to other medical sectors such as Baby Clinics where mother can be reminded about inoculations.

More info:

Twitter: @MediMinderZA

Ngazise Mobile – meaning “Let me know”

Ngazise Mobile TeamNgazise Mobile Team

This system is an application that is a “PA in the palm of your hands”.

When you attend events, conferences, the application lets you know information about the speakers, the agenda, the venue and the location.

It can also be expanded to cover shopping malls where it tells customers where various shops are and what specials they have.


The is an application in the law enforcement sector. It is a system known as “throwdown” where police will show the picture of a suspect amongst 5 other pictures and the victim needs to identify the criminal.

It has been proven the when under pressure to pick out a suspect from a line up or when presented with 6 photos at once, the victim feel like they have to make a choice and even if they are not certain, they choose anyways.

This application hopes to eliminate this problem by showing the victim the pictures of  the suspects in the comfort of the victims home. Each picture is shown one at a time and random order.

Twitter: @witness2IT


Dling TeamDling Team

This is a mobile application that identifies various deals based on pre selected criteria and location.

The user is able to  search group buying sites and even shopping malls to find deals and promotions right at their locations.

More info:

Twitter: @d_ling_zar

So that’s who they are and what they have been slaving over since Friday afternoon !

Lets show our support and the least we can do is give them a vote:

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