M4JAM is paying you NOT to throw away your used toner cartridges

M4JAM is paying you NOT to throw away your used toner cartridges

M4JAM is paying NOT to throw used toner cartridges away

Whenever you have the ability to reach out to a massive audience, then you have the power to influence change. This was the comment I made at the official  M4JAM (Money for Jam) , the microjobbing platform, launch event. It would seem like I wasn’t the only one thinking along these lines.

M4JAM Chief Jammer Andre Hugo announced the launch of a pilot recycling project being pioneered on the platform in collaboration with Green Office. The initiative is about getting used toner cartridges back to Green Office so that they could be recycled instead of being dumped into the rubbish dumps where they cause an environmental hazard.

In 2013, Green Office saved 602,761 kgs of plastic and other waste from ending up in landfills through our recycling and re-manufacturing efforts.

This is an energy savings equivalent to driving a medium sized petrol car over 3.5 million km (distance equivalent to driving the circumference of the earth 87 times).

Using the M4JAM system, which runs on WeChat, tens of thousands of “jobbers” are instantly empowered to go out and find these toner cartridges from home, businesses, schools and drop them off at Green Office. When they do, they are paid for each one they recycle – all via the M4JAM platform so no money exchanges hands and therefore safety is assured. Green Office reconditions many of the used cartridges for resale and for cartridges that are damaged or redundant they started a non-profit company called Greenable. Greenable employs woman with disabilities to recycle the damaged cartridges materials into roof tiles for low income houses. Since inception, three years ago, Greenable has employed 28 woman who have benefitted significantly – both financially and from a self-esteem perspective.

Initially the project will begin at three designated location in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.  The initiative will last for three weeks where each jobber will received R5 per qualifying cartridge dropped off on the specified days. The system works as I made R25 in seconds

Should the pilot be successful,  then this campaign will be extended to over 1 000 locations around the country.

But why stop there ?

M4JAM is paying NOT to throw used toner cartridges awayM4JAM system could be used in similar ways with other recycling initiatives. Hugo says that “We are currently also in talks with a glass manufacturer, a tyre recycling organisation and a beverage company about similar recycling projects using the M4JAM platform. The concept can be extended to any recyclable, including plastic, cardboard, light bulbs, e-waste and paper,” he notes. “Green Office has taken the lead in harnessing crowdsourcing to step up its recycling activities, but we expect to see many more companies following suit once this campaign has proved successful.”

“Our mission was to uplift South Africans one microjob at a time. With initiatives such as this one, we are creating more opportunities for people to earn money by, changing behaviour in the market, bringing positive change to the environment, and more importantly educating people through the process.”

The M4JAM Green Office campaign will kick off on the 20th of October and will be advertised on the M4JAM platform beforehand.

Go to www.m4jam.com or register with M4JAM on the WeChat platform.


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