James Bond should be using the Mi5

James Bond should be using the Mi5


“The name is Bond. James Bond” We know Bond works for her Royal Majesty’s Secret Service MI6 and after Agent X (aka Xiaomi) tasked TheTechieGuy to review the Mi5, we think Mr Bond should carry the Mi5 as his Mobile  Communication Device .

The Mi5 review process was handled by Agent Clare Matthes who had submitted this report at headquarters:

Straight into the mission

James Bond should be using the Mi5

An agent doesn’t have time to waste by having to decipher phone functions. Thankfully the Mi5 is a natural usage type of device where every feature is simple and very intuitive. Using the smartphone came quite naturally and there was no faffing or learning the ropes before making use of the device.


Keeping confidential state secrets and risky photographs on the device is not a problem with the Mi5 due to its several security protection options.  As most of us know, security on the wake-up of a phone uses numbers and/or finger prints. The Mi5 takes that a little bit further and gives you options – we like options. Fingerprint and/or number or fingerprint and/or password.

I opted for the password and stupidly chose something tedious to key in – it’s my own fault and made me grateful that the fingerprint was still an option.

Good looking

This is a must to complete any Bond image. The Mi5 is very easy on the eye with smooth lines,colors and great sound. Like all good agents trained at escaping, be careful putting the device down though as this smooth operator has a tendency to try to escape on surfaces that aren’t flat. As with all phones, a good cover should be purchased to protect the device and prevent this little guy from slipping away.

At just 129g  the Mi5 measures 69.2mm (l) x 7.25mm (w) x 144.6mm (h) making it ideal carrying phone even for people with small hands.

Sleek in design and easy to use, I fell for this little gadget quite hard (so will the villain so well done Agent X).


Snapping Snapchat pics and selfies are part of the Agent’s job. The Mi5  features a 5.15-inch 1080p display, 32GB storage capacity, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 16-megapixel rear camera, 4-megapixel selfie camera, dual-SIM card slots, 4G LTE, IR Blaster and USB Type-C port. This means that snapping that photo, zooming in to see the details and sending it to HQ is done in minutes.

The phone has a superb Optical Image Stabilization so your images are always clear even under intense pressure and hand shakes:

Additional Field Notes

There were a few things I noticed about this smartphone that stood out to me during the time I reviewed it. The sound was crystal clear, and chatting on the phone became less of a task and something I preferred doing. Then again, typing was quite seamless too. The taking of pictures, switching of apps, opening of email or Google was fast. Anything else that could sometimes leave you feeling like your phone had taken to freezing was null and void in the case of Mi5.

Sourcing of Mi5

Any member of the public may purchase this device for R7 999 from www.miafrica.com/za,  Makro, DionWired, Game, Takealot.com and Incredible Connection.

Agent Clare concludes that “To be frank this phone should be called the MI5 (spoken as: em eye five) and is nothing short of what James Bond would want in his back pocket, well that’s if he could control some kind of sleep serum from it.”

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About Clare Matthes:

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