RIM’s new turn around CEO – Too little too late ?

There is never a dull moment in the IT & Telecoms world – I woke up this morning to another breaking news: Rim replaces their CEO. And let me echo what everyone is saying: long overdue.

The new RIM President and CEO,Thorsten Heins, has his work cut out for him. He needs to revive not only a company but a mindset and an entire industry just waiting for the hammer to fall as the sharks starts circling around the bleeding company.

Lets hope that Mr Heins has what it takes to turn RIM around with a management shakeup, delivering on the platform promises and offering solutions that work right out of the box.

Lets hope this isnt too little too late – about a year too late…

In an interview, Mr. Heins said he largely plans to continue the company’s current strategy. “It’s going to be continuity, but it’s not going to be a standstill,” Mr. Heins said.

Mr. Heins said its next-generation operating system will attract a critical mass among developers and wow consumers and business users alike. “If the new OS is a big hit, RIM might consider licensing the software to other vendors”

Quick background check on Mr Heins:

  • Mr. Heins was one of RIM’s two CEOs and, before that, Senior Vice President for the Handheld Business Unit. He played key roles in the creation of RIM’s product portfolio.
  • Mr. Heins came to RIM in December 2007 from Siemens AG.
  • He joined Siemens in 1984 after graduating from the University of Hannover in his native Germany.
  • At Siemens, Mr. Heins rose through the ranks of R&D customer service, sales and product management positions.
  • After serving as Chief Executive Officer of various business divisions in the communication business, Mr. Heins moved to Chief Technology Officer and member of the Group Board of the Siemens Communications Group.
  • He came to RIM after being impressed by the level of innovation displayed by founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

Mr Heins speaks on RIM’s strength :

Mr Heins speak about RIM’s next 5 years:

Mr. Heins speaks on the Playbook 2.0:

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