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Intel launches a marketplace for learners, teachers and parents

Intel Explore and Learn MarketplaceIntel Explore and Learn Marketplace

If you have kids, you will relate to the frustration of not being able to find a location on the net that is safe enough for kids to research for material to be used in their school projects. Even with Safety features enabled, smut still managed to sneak through combined with material that is simply incorrect. This results in the parents having to do the research on their children’s behalf.

Not anymore.

When we think of Intel, we think of that “chip” inside the computer. It is the “thing” that makes everything work fast. Today, Intel South Africa has taken on a challenge to help student and learners of all ages gain access to free and low-cost digital education material, text books and interactive learning resources.

Intel South Africa has launched the Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace. This is  a new education hub is where learners can find relevant content to enrich and augment their studies which makes learning more interactive on a digital platform that kids are used to using in their connected world.

The solution, designed for learners of all ages, provides learning material such as books, past-exam papers, instruction videos and podcasts. Kids from Grade 0 to Matric are catered for including “older students” who are  completing their higher education. The system is also built for Teachers to augment their lessons as well as for parents who have the ability to assist their kids with more tools and resources. 

Cigdem Ertem, Intel’s Turkey Middle East and Africa Business Manager

Cigdem Ertem, Intel’s Turkey Middle East and Africa Business Manager, says that “Africa has lots of opportunities but we recognise that Africa has real challenges too. Whilst education has been proven as an ability to enrich and enhance lives, not everyone has access to the materials. Intel has been providing education and technology solution for over 40 years and this has made a massive difference. Now we are taking it a step further.”  

This education hub is the result of the collaboration between Intel and Rancard, which is an African-based organisation that currently provides cloud-based software for mobile content discovery and delivery. The  system is made up of various components including a Content Management System and a Recommendation Engine. Whilst initially only free content will be available in South Africa, when paid-for content becomes available, there is an ability to purchase this content direct form the app. Intel Explore and Learning  Marketplace will be launched in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya and as soon as Intel is ready, the Rancard system will be switched on to other countries networks.

Federico Carvalho , Intel’s Chief Architect

“When you want to purchase a house, you can go to an Internet portal where agents load their available properties. You can now search for your property. However, when you want to find a past exam paper or content for research projects, there is no central location. Why is that ?” queries Federico Carvalho , Intel’s Chief Architect. This is why Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace was created. To provide a safe and secure place for kids to access material from one central location. Equally important is that the material is specifically designed for educational purposes and has been provided by reputable content providers that are aligned to the school curriculum.

To use the system, simply create a family account. Once the parent creates the account, the same content is available on multiple devices without having to reregister subsequent accounts. Content also lives on the device and therefore internet access it not required to view and access the material. This is a great feature as learners can use the school WiFi to access the material and view it at home even if there is no connectivity there. This also makes the material more portable on those long trips and plane rides too. 

Future development in the pipeline will include an ability to “share” and even a “playlist” that teachers can create for their class.

Intel’s Explore and Learn marketplace solution is available immediately on any Intel device running Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Android Intel based tablets.

To download the system go to and keep your eye on the store as more and more content is being uploaded daily !


Intel Explore and Learn MarketplaceIntel Explore and Learn Marketplace

Intel Explore and Learn MarketplaceIntel Explore and Learn Marketplace

Intel Explore and Learn MarketplaceIntel Explore and Learn Marketplace

Intel Explore and Learn MarketplaceIntel Explore and Learn Marketplace

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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