I share therefore I am – the Innovation of Loneliness

I share therefore I am - the Innovation of Loneliness

A fascinating video with really deep ideas about the connected and social world we live in. Even though we are part of multiple social networks and we post, tweet, like, comment and chat with hundreds of friends, we have created a situation where we are actually alone.

Some powerful statements:

“We are collecting friends like stamps. Not distinguishing quality verses quantity. “

“Converting the deep intimacy of friendship with exchanging of photos and chat conversation. “

“Sacrificing conversation for mere connections”

“So we claim to have many friends where we are lonely”

“we spend hours building a perfect profile…choosing the pictures where we look out best…all of which is designed to serve as edited version of who we are”

“we fake experiences so we have something to share”



Thanks Jessica for sharing the link !


*image from Shutterstock.com

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