How to follow the Oscar Pistorius trial live – all the info you need:

How to watch the Oscar Pistorius trial via DSTV, live stream, web, Twitter & Facebook

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius will stand trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Monday the 3rd March 2014. Once again the world’s attention will be focused on South Africa. Not a Soccer Wold Cup, nor another Nelson Mandela tribute, but this time scrutiny of the South African legal system.

Reminiscent of the famous OJ Simpson case,  this tragic court case will not only play out in a court room but in a landmark judgment, Gauteng Judge President Dunstan Mlambo has allowed MultiChoice’s application to broadcast pats of the trial. “I’ve always maintained I’m a new generation judge. I do not shy away from dirtying my hands in my judicial work.” is how Judge President Dunstan Mlambo describes himself in a Citypress article. The Judge is clearly in touch with how modern society is consuming their news

Oscar Pistorius Trial – A Carte Blanche DSTV Channel

MutiChoice has created a “pop-up” channel which will be anchored by both the Carte Blanche and the Eye Witness News teams. The Oscar Pistorius Trial – A Carte Blanche Channel will begin broadcasting on 2nd March at 8pm on DStv Channel 199 which is available to DStv Premium, Extra and Compact audiences. The channel will be live from 7 AM – 10 PM daily, with content repeated from 10 PM until 7 AM the following morning, when live coverage resumes.

Along with expert opinions, breakaway crossings to the court, interviews with role-payers, TheOscar Pistorius channel will focus its attention on issues facing South African society today. These include:

  • Crime in South Africa and what it means for country’s citizens
  • The psychology of grief, specifically for those directly affected by violence
  • Guns in the Rainbow Nation
  • Disability in South Africa – from prosthetics to prisons, what’s the reality?
  • The psychology of fame and the age of the superhuman athlete
  • Social media and its ability to shape the national agenda
  • The South African legal structure, with an emphasis on criminal law
  • Brand building of individuals, its impact on pop culture and its pressures
  • Families and the dynamics of ‘breadwinner’ finance in civil court

In order to insure integrity, professionalism and walking the fine line between tabloid and factual journalism and yet always mindful of the impact that media has to play in these circumstances requires a professional team. These are made up of Derek Watts, John Webb, Bongani Bingwa, Devi Sankaree Govender, social media lawyer Emma Sadleir, radio talk show host Leigh Bennie, legal journalist and radio talk show host David O’Sullivan, Katy Katopodis and former BBC presenter Subniv Babuta.

The TheOscar Pistorius channel will also spill onto the web and social media too where you can follow the events via these channels:

Live streaming:


Watch the Oscar Pistorius trial live streaming, web, Twitter & Facebook

Follow on Facebook:

At Oscar Trial 199

Watch the Oscar Pistorius trial live streaming, web, Twitter & Facebook

Follow via Twitter:

At  @oscartrial199

Watch the Oscar Pistorius trial live streaming, web, Twitter & Facebook

Live Blog:

At EWN Live Blog

Watch the Oscar Pistorius trial live streaming, web, Twitter & Facebook


at: CNN’s LiveBlog of the Oscar Pistorius trial

cnn live blog of the Oscar Pistorius trial

A 2nd 24-hour TV Channel:

E-Tv’s sister company Sabido’s Platco Digital has announced that they will too run its own 24-hour Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel on OpenView HD (OVHD) on channel 119. This will broadcast the court proceedings from 10:00 to 16:00. is also expected to cover the trial on on their eNCA channel on DStv 403.

Oscar’s Twitter account to watch:

On the 23rd February 2014, a the @OscarHardTruth Twitter account was created by the Pistorius’s family and spokespeople and this account is said to be run by family members as their own platform. “Truth Shall Prevail. Innocent until Proven Guilty” states the Twitter bio. At the time of posting, the Twitter account has 26 8000 followers.



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