How to sort the I-Mate K-Jam GPRS Problem

I have had an incident with my HTC phone – let’s just say it has been Hard Reset and that didn’t even sort it. So whilst it’s at the HTC Life shop in La Lucia mall, I am using my old and trusted K-Jam.

The only problem with it is that it doesn’t connect to GPRS and therefore I cannot get my email when I am out on the road. For me this is a BIG problem.

After much searching and resetting and reconfiguring my connections  I have managed to discover the route of the problem – I need to download a PATCH.

So after a simple registration on the website, I selected my device from the list of phones and I downloaded the GPRS Patch and the EDGE patch. Installed them via Active Synch and then ran the files on the K-Jam.

It worked like a charm !

 So now again, I am mobile and still email-able.

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