How to get 10GB Free of cloud storage for BlackBerry 10

If you ever lost your phone lost or it was forced to be reset you will know that sinking feeling you get when you think of all those pictures and videos that were on the phone and are now gone…

Luckily there are some solutions that allow you to back up your precious photos and video “to the cloud”. Amongst others, the two that I use are Dropbox and Box and both are available on BlackBerry10.


Box - online cloud storageBox - online cloud storage

This is a simple to use online storage facility that is both for personal and corporate usage allowing for sharing and collaboration.

As a present to BlackBerry 10 users, you get 10GB free (compared to the “usual” 5GB)  NOTE: to get this 10GB you must use this link :

Once you sign up, tap on the Box app on the phone and log in. You can then set what you would like to synchronise between your phone and the cloud.


Dropbox - online storageDropbox - online storage

This is another online storage facility that allows you to keep your files in the cloud. It has sharing capabilities so you can grant people access to specific folders and they can access your files. This is very useful when you are trying to send large files and email is not an option.

Once you sign up, tap on the Connect to Dropbox icon. You will be asked to sign in and your phone can be set to synchronise files up to Dropbox.

Beyond just backup

I used these methods not only to keep my files safe, but its also a quick way to move files from the phone to the cloud so I can access these files on another computer or another device such as my tablets.

Simply select the file you want to access, tap the Share icon on the bottom and select the service and folder that you would like to share the file with.

Then on the "other device” log into either Dropbox or Box and your files are there to be downloaded and used.

online storageonline storageonline storage

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