How to disable the double blue ticks Read Receipt in WhatsApp

How to disable the double blue ticks Read Receipt in WhatsApp



There is no greater force in the universe than a set of dissatisfied customers.

When WhatsApp arrived on the Instant Messaging scene, many users were confused by the meaning of the “tick” system which appears next to each message sent. Does a single tick mean message was sent and double-tick mean message  was read? For years this was the hot topic  of many geeks-around the office water cooler.

WhatsApp finally realised that its users really want the feature to know when their messages was read. The Read Receipt was the added in the form of a blue-tick and now everyone knows that the WhatsApp messages was read.

Happy right ?


Turns out the saying “you cant please everyone all of the time” hold true as users took to social media to complain about that new read facility citing an invasion of privacy as the blue-ticks could leads to breakups when boyfriends/ girlfriends/ husbands/ wives knowingly ignore each others messages.

Oh dear.

How to disable the double blue ticks Read Receipt in WhatsApp

How to disable the Read Receipt blue ticks in WhatsAppGood news people of WhatsApp.

Once again WhatsApp showing that it is clearly listening to its customers as WhatsApp instructed their developers to come up with a way to give the user the choice if they want to show their Read time or not. Therefore, in its latest Android version of WhatsApp there is now an option to disable the Read Receipt. It can be found under: Settings > Account > Privacy >Read Receipts [note: it doesn’t disable the Read Receipt in the Group Chats]

Before you rush out to the Store to download this version, please note that it is only available in the Android version of the app (Version 2.11.444) which is currently only available via direct download from the the WhatsApp site.

Assuming that WhatsApp is testing this latest development and once stable it will be made available to all via the official app store across all operating platforms.

So if you cant wait, go and download it but remember to enable the option in Android that allows you to install apps from “Unknown Sources” other than the official Play Store. While WhatsApp should be pretty safe, it is NOT recommended that you trust any website that offers direct app downloads as these do not go through some any scrutiny (ie looking for malware) from the the Play Store.

For the rest of the world: the new version should be coming to a store soon. So look out for that WhatsApp update and save your relationship…although your other half may ask why you turned it off in the first place and for that, this Techie Guy has no answer…

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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