How to create a free movie out of your Instagram images

They say you can’t keep a good man down, I wonder if the same could be said about a website ?

You might recall an Instagram hashtag #BestNine which grouped your best nine Instagram photos into one. This appeared from a website called at the end of 2015 and was all the rage across the Instagram world.

In Feb 2016 a new website was revealed named GetNine which was from the  same company that created BestNine. This new website is a dating app which gathers the user’s best nine Instagram images  in order to to find a match. After writing my article about the system,  I spoke to the company’s President Yusuke Matsumura when they launched to get all the juicy info:

Fast Forward to March 2016 and yet another site is unveiled from the same company. The new website named, takes your month’s images and creates a short video out of them which you can share.


How to create your own Instagram Movie from your images ?

  1. Head over to,
  2. Enter your Instagram username
  3. Click on the Get Month’s #30DayPics

Within several seconds of clicking that button, the movie is created.

It is worth noting that no access is required to your Instagram feed and therefore if you would like to share your masterpiece video, you will need to enter your email address and the video is sent to you. You can upload the to your Instagram feed yourself.

Ps. If you want to enter anyone’s Instagram username and see their video, there is nothing stopping you too.

How to create a free movie out of your Instagram imagesHow to create a free movie out of your Instagram images

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