How to crash cell phone conversations

How to crash cell phone conversations

Have you ever been somewhere where there is that one guy or girl who is talking on their cell phone so loud that everyone around them is subjected to a half a conversation? Typically it sound something like: “yes….ahem…but no…I told her no….way dude….way dude…..25…….there is no friggin way……I guess I could….blah blah blah blah”.

Every couple of seconds they pipe up with something that is so loud that people around have are stopped mid sentence.

It is so annoying and usually there is nothing you can really do beyond perhaps asking them to tone it down which is something most people don’t do.

Greg Benson, from Mediocre Films, has his own way of dealing with this situation. It is called Cell Phone Crashing where Greg would position himself next to the person who is talking on their phone whilst holding his cell phone to his ear. He then proceeds to answer the questions that the loud-mouth is asking and even make statements as if he is the person the loud-mouth is taking to. This is done  to the point of irritation.

Check this out:


oh and DON’T be THAT guy. If you have to use your cell phone in public please respect other people’s privacy around you.

I shudder to think what would happen when they allow cell phones on planes where you can’t simply “step outside”….


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