How to connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet

On the Go cable

Today started off badly and if its wasn’t for a R50 cable, it would have ended in tears. My laptop had a meltdown and would not boot. My backup hard drive decided to go on strike and to top it all off, right in the middle of my disaster, I have some website code that we malfunctioning and needed to be sorted urgently.

Technological nightmare.

The only working tech device I had on hand was the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Whilst I do love the Note 8, I could not see myself writing copious amount of code using the touchscreen keyboard – no matter how good SwiftKey is.

But then I had an idea – use the On the Go Cable This is a magic cable that on the one side plugs into the micro USB slot on supported tablets and phones and on the other side is a “female” USB slot that you can plug any USB device into. The only “catch” is that the mobile device has to support a USB host which not all phones and tablets do.

Luckily the Galaxy Note 8.0 does support it.

On the Go cable

I plugged the On the Go Cable cable and into it I plugged in my wireless receiver which the Galaxy Note 8 instantly recognised. Holding my breath, I moved the Bluetooth mouse and on the screen the mouse icon appeared! I was now controlling the Note 8 with my wireless mouse. I then opened my Text Editor on the device which is where I would be editing my code and using my wireless keyboard I was able to type as normal. The Note 8 literally became my computer and saved the day.

When I first discovered the On the Go cable, I used it extensively with the Galaxy Note phone (here is how) and this little cable has saved me on many occasions and for the R50 they are well worth it. Besides the keyboard and mouse, you can also use the cable to access a USB memory stick which makes sharing of information that much simpler.  I bought mine at

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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  1. yip – there are nice covers on Amazon and will be in SA in a couple of weeks time. I am looking for the cover with the bluetooth keyboard

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