How to build a game without being a programmer

How to build a game without being a programmer

cliffcentral - zoe - 12 jan 2015cliffcentral - zoe and stephan- 12 jan 2015

Ever played Candy Crush or Flappy Bird and thought you could do better ? we all have  but what is stopping most of us is that we are not programmers. But do you need to be ?

This week on Talking Tech with TheTechieGuy on CliffCentral (every week at 10 – 11am), Zoe Hawkins from joined me in studio to chat about all things tech focusing on the rubbish out of CES (read that story here) and about MS-DOS porn (and other games) being made available free (read that story here)

We were also joined in studio by Steven Tu who is part of TwoPlusGames and developed the zombi killing game Dead Run ! We find out how to get into game development (a R30 million industry in South Africa) and discover you don’t need to be a programmer to build a game !

All this and more – have a listen:

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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