How to block Hashtags on Twitter without unfollowing

Its news. Its everywhere but its driving me a little insane. Surely there must be a way to block hashtags from twitter ?

If your timeline is looking like my timeline, then it is currently being filled up with more and more #OscarTrial and other related hashtags that is preventing me from seeing anything else. [Update July 2016 – now its #PokemonGO]

I am getting flooded and whilst, like everyone, I have some interest in the trial, I also have interests in other news.

At this point, you might be feeling the same but you are conflicted.  You want to get rid of just the hashtags you are not interested in but still keep following the people that are usually cool.

Before you go on a massive culling exercise, there are  two solutions that might restore some sanity.

How to block hashtags on twitter on Chrome:

1. If you are running Chrome (and not sure why at this point you are not), then simply head over to the Chrome Web Store and find this Extension: Larry Filter for Twitter.

Once you find it, click on the Free button:

Twitter - block hashtag

It will install and will look like this:

Twitter - block hashtag

2. Next go to

At the top of the browser, you will see an icon next to your search bar:

Twitter - block hashtag

(I have several extensions installed so yours will look different)

3. Click on the Twitter/ Birdie icon.

This screen pops up. On the right you can enter usernames, hashtags or just any words to be blocked off your timeline :

Twitter - block hashtag

When you click on Close the Windows button, your timeline will be return to normal again.

If at any point you wish to remove words you blocked, simply tap on the Twitter Birdies icon and click on the sign next to the keyword and it will be removed from your filter.


If you are running Tweetdeck  then you can create a filter and block out any hashtags. This is done by:

1. Log into Tweetdeck

2. Click on Gear, Settings:

Tweetdeck - block hashtag

3. Select Mute and add in the terms you don’t want to appear in your timeline:

Tweetdeck - block hashtag


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! If I see another TVTag thingie, my eyeballs will break out of their sockets!

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