How the Galaxy Tab saved my life…(dramatic way of saying: helped me retain my super Techie hero status)

“Love it – love it – love it”…all I can say about the beautiful built in HOT SPOT facility that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has.

Just like most people when I saw that under the Network options, I thought to myself “nice, but not really use full” and I wrote it off to some techie-got-overly-excited.

But now I am converted. Why has I changed my tune ?

I was in Vereeniging (a South African city near Johannesburg) over the weekend hoping to have a relaxing weekend with the family. I then received a call from a client in a state saying one of his servers has been hacked and he was in serious trouble.

“Not a problem” I announced in a super-hero kind of way, “I had my laptop with me and could easily solve the problem”. I fired up the beast, plugged in my 3G dongle modem and then silence …I was in a dead zone where no internet bits of data shall travel ! Where I was staying I could not pick up any 3G/ EDGE/ GPRS signal at all and therefore no internet !!!

I panicked in a very un-superhero kind of way. I used the Galaxy Tab as a modern “dowsing rod” and walked around the unit looking for any signal whatsoever. I must have looked like a native American Indian doing the rain dance as I was holding the Galaxy Tab low and then high and I swear I could hear drumming beat in the background “haya hoya hiya hoya”…. I discovered that if I stood on a chair, at a specific angle, facing due West, and didn’t move a muscle – only then could I pick up a signal and download some mail headers…not really functional at all and certainly could not help my client…

It then hit me. EUREKA !

The Galaxy has that Hot Spot feature. I set up the Hot Spot on the Galaxy Tab in a few seconds, took the Tablet and set it up at the right angle, facing West, balanced on a step ladder in the only spot that had internet signal.

I then took up my laptop, jumped onto the sun-lounger, detected the Galaxy wireless hot spot I had just set up, connected to it & I was surfing the web baby !!! I managed to Remote onto the clients server and shut down the hack attempt and discovered that one of his techies opened a port on the firewall that they shouldn’t have Smile .

Standing back with a stupid grin on my face I had admired the magnificent Tower of Connectivity I have just created – which of course no other non-techie could appreciate…

Thanks to the Hot Spot facility, I had secured a client for life and my hero-like status is in tact !

Portable Hotspot

Portable Hotspot


  1. received the following from Frank D:

    I enjoyed your post. It made me remember how I used my iMate one holiday to connect to a client’s server. In those days (2004) it was BlueTooth and GPRS.

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