How NOT to put people to sleep when sharing your holiday pics

BlackBerry Story Maker

How was your holiday?” you ask innocently expecting the standard “it was great thank you”  reply but instead you get “it was great, I have 359 photos and I can show you each and every one…” as you begin to sit through the set you make a mental note to never ever ask again. Surly there has to be a better way for people to share in their photographic experiences ?

If you own a BlackBerry 10 – there is.

Pre-installed on all the BlackBerry 10 devices is an application called Story Maker which instantly transforms you into a movie director allowing you to create your own feature-film made up of your photos and video clips complete with background music and animations.

BlackBerry just got this one right. It is so simple to use my kids were producing video clips moments after we left any tourist site. There is no external software necessary, no need to hook the phone to a PC and in a couple of simple steps, you have your movie ready to be shared with the world (minus the boring factor).

How to create a Story Maker Clip ?

  1. Tap on the Story Maker icon and tap on Create New Story.
  2. Select the photos and video clips you want to include in your story.
  3. Choose the background music to set the mood by selecting your own music or select from the Sample Songs BlackBerry provides.
  4. Set the Title and Credits and press the DONE button.
  5. Now just select from the 6 effects to give your story some additional flare.

BlackBerry Story MakerBlackBerry Story Maker

If you want to put in a little more effort and release your Inner-Spielberg, BlackBerry allows you to play with the transition between photos, reorder the photos, add other images and video clips and even edit the  photos brightness, contrast and colour right within the app itself. What is also great is that you can also throw in some video clips amongst the still photos and that has a superb effect on the final cut of your movie.

The results are very impressive. I am not digital designer expert by any leap of the imagination and I was impressed with how I could turn my 3 weeks travels into this 4 minute video clip:

All this was done on my phone, whilst waiting for the plane to taxi to its parking bay ! In fact it took longer to upload it to YouTube, then it did to compile the entire clip. 

So when someone asks me about the trip, I simply hook up the BlackBerry Z10 with the HDMI cable and I can confidently share my masterpiece (if I say so myself) with family and friends without having to worry that this is the last time anyone will ask me “how was your holiday?”

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning blogger, YouTube strategist and Podcast. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging and real way that regular consumers can relate to. He also drinks too much coffee!

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