How I doubled my mailing list subscribers with these 2 simple free methods

How I doubled my mailing list subscribers with these 2 tips

Nothing can be better than your customers who actually WANT to receive your information.

Regardless if you are a small website, a large corporate or a content publisher, having a system that allows your readers to receive your information sent direct to their inbox is critical and this is done by creating a mailing list.

There are many systems out there that deal with the management of subscribers, sending out bulk mailers,  and produce click-thru reports. This is not what this post is about.

When I decided to actively increase my subscriber base, I already had a mailing list system. As my Blog uses WordPress, I use MailPoet plug-in as my system of choice as it does absolutely everything I need in a highly efficient way. So the only thing I need to worry about is getting people to sign up.

During my research and investigation into several systems, here are three tips I can share for an effective and proven way that I managed  to increase the number of subscribers to my blog. For Free and with no strings attached.

Tip 1: Its a fraud !

There are so many smoke-and-mirrors fraudsters out there. From those that promise thousands of subscribers with this magic formula for only $29.99, to those that just need your username and password to log in to “optimise your system”,   to those that offer to sell a mailing list which is essentially SPAM.

Don’t do it. Stay away from temptation for a shortcut. No one need to have your username and password for any reason and there is no magic formula.

If you have a good site with good content you should not need to resort to SPAM. The reputational damage and the ethical damage is simply not worth it.

Tip 2: Be obvious

If the aim of the site is to increase the email subscribers – then be obvious about it. Make it as simple as possible for your readers to subscribe and then they do.

I use a scroll-box that appears as the reader is scrolling through the stories which has the subscribe call to action:

How I doubled my mailing list subscribers with these 2 tips

I use the WordPress plug-in called Scroll Triggered Box which is free and highly customisable and even integrates into my  Mail Poet mailing list manager. Since implementing the scroll-box, I have increased my subscribers by 21%

Tip 3: Twitter Lead Generation Card

This is one of the best secrets that is only now starting to become mainstream. Twitter has an Ad platform that allows you to created Promoted Tweets ie. Tweets that are sent to specifically targeted people that don’t follow you. However the same Ad system also has a Twitter Card system. This allows you to instantly capture people’s email address and add them to your mailing list all without leaving Twitter.

After implementing this system, I increased my mailing list by 33% in a few days. Not bad for a few minutes worth of work and for zero cost !

Here is how to use Twitter Lead Generation Card to increase your mailing list:


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