Here is why you should watch the Durex ad with your mobile phone in hand

Here is why you should watch the Durex ad with your mobile phone in hand

Here is why you should watch the Durex ad with your mobile phone in hand

Once again the Adult Industry is pushing the boundaries of technology and what is possible. The Adult industry, yes, that part of the internet that no one admits visiting, has had major impact common tech we take for granted today.

Experimentation is one reason why brand new tech has its roots in Adult Industry. The Adult industry, just like every industry is made up of sellers and buyers. However in the Adult industry the buyers are willing to experiment with any new technology that could help them get the latest “entertainment” faster and immediate. In other industries, buyers are more cautious and sceptical when it comes to adopting new technology and therefore those industries take longer to develop. An example is the banking industry that had developed home banking solutions years ago (via Electronic Bulletin Boards), however only recently has it become mainstream.

There are many examples of Adult Industry’s contribution to the online world (see below), and the latest development comes from Sexual-Well-being company Durex with their latest commercial:

At the start of the commercial, Durex encourages you to open their app which is available for Android and iOS.

The ads shows a man delivering a box of assuming Durex condoms to what seems to be a raunchy party. The advert shows you no hard-core images and everything in the ad is inferred.

However, if you have your app open and point it at the screen when the ad is playing, then the ad will start to play on your device and will show you the “what you are missing”scene from the characters point of view. For example: in the online YouTube ad you see a man and women in a window closing the curtain, on the app you see what happens AFTER they close the curtain.

What is cool about the ad, is that if you don’t watch it with the app, it still makes sense.

Scences form the Durex appScences form the Durex app

Scences form the Durex appScences form the Durex app

Durex also cleverly incorporated an ecommerce store into the app.

Ads of the Future

Now this is is how how TV ads will be done in the in future – marrying the 2nd screen (mobile) with the TV but extending the experience to more then passive viewing. Another example of “marrying the two screens” Shazam ,the app the “listens” to music and correctly identifies the artist. It is being used in radio and TV ads to offer additional interactions with the ad such as being able to enter a competition for the product that was just advertised or being able to book a test drive of the vehicle in the ad.

The more interactive the ads are, the more audience engagement they will receive.

4 Adult Industry contribution

Regardless of how you feel about the Adult Industry, here are 4 technology that we use today that were created as a direct results of this industry:

1. eCommerce Payment

In the 1990 where the internet was just starting out, a system had to be devised to accept payment for adult services. A man by the name of Richard Gordon is attributed with creating the first Electronic card System where he took a percentage of transactions conducted over various Adult sites. By way of reference at this stage Amazon only launched in 1994 and eBay launched in 1995 and therefore Richard and Porn were way ahead of the ecommerce game.

2. Streaming video

The porn industry were the first to take JPEG images and combine them in a way that looked like a movie which would work over a slow dial-up connection (28.8 kbps modems were the norm back in 1990). The Adult sites that offered the “live movies” became the most profitable forcing their competitors to develop an even faster way to display content. These technology pushers were the pre-runners to streaming we use today.

3. Live Chats

Together with steaming videos, the Adult industry introduced a facility that allowed viewers to interact with their favourite  porn stars which was done via a text box on the screen. If the site offered this facility, then private one-on-one chats could be held for exorbitant prices and customers gladly paid. Forrester Research showed that Porn users spent around $1.3 billion on online porn in 1999.  Today we have Live Chats on websites allowing us to speak to a Customer Services operators or a Technician to help us fix a problem.

4. Affiliate and Content Syndication

Back in the day, customers would pay a Dollar amount to subscribe to  a site for a period of time. When that period lapsed and the customer did not renew their subscription,  the site would send them an email offering them to renew their subscription which would also grant them access to several other adult sites. The adult industry realised that the together they could keep a customer interested for longer and generate more revenue. Today, it is common practice amongst a set of websites  who refer customers to each other generating commission off sales and leads.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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