Hands on review of the BlackBerry Classic

Hands on review of the BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic is a Classic–hands on review

The promise was made – BlackBerry is going back to its roots to provide strong communication devices with Enterprise security at the core.  The launch of the latest device, the BlackBerry Classic, is yet another product in the “going back to its roots” journey.

Instantly recognisable, the BlackBerry Classic is exactly that – a classic. A device that virtually all mobile professionals used to swear by as the only device to use in order to get work done when out of the office. Whilst those days have changed, BlackBerry is determined to provide is core of users who are still on original BlackBerry devices, a smooth path to catch up with the touchscreen world without loosing that fundamental keyboard that BlackBerry users swear by.

Looking at the BlackBerry Classic instantly brings back memories of when mobile was a luxury for the few who emailed no matter where they were. However, BlackBerry didn’t just re-package old tech into a new frame. Everything in the Classic has been modernised and yet the feel is still typical BlackBerry.

I took the BlackBerry Classic for a spin and here is my hands-on review of the BlackBerry Classic:

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For more info check out the official BlackBerry Classic page: http://global.blackberry.com/en/smartphones/blackberry-classic/overview.html

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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