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Africacom is always a highlight on the conferencing calendar as it is packed with informative keynotes and exhibitors and this year is no exception.

At every conference I like to find that nugget of gold that is “different” and this year I found just such company: TatvaSoft . 

Tatvasoft is an outsourced company based in India that have implemented Microsoft based solutions within the SA Government.

Outsource arrangements are not new. So what makes Tatvasoft different ?

I met with Sandhira Singh, the South African Business Development Manager, heading up the South African office,  who explains that “Tatvasoft SA rates are much more competitive for a premium solution deployed, whereby the solution requirement is facilitated on an offshore environment. As an example, the hourly rate of a South African company are R1000 per hour, our rates are R200 per hour as everyone knows that the hub of IT is in India”.

Sandhira Singh has a 10 year public sector track record from the South African Finance Minister`s office whereby she has been the Government representative involved in the deployment of the SARS E-Solution which is known as SARSEFILING and is perfectly positioned to been appointed at the Bosasa Group to expand the subsidiary company Tatvasoft SA and its offering.

Tatvasoft employs over 800 coders and developers and therefore they are able to “roll out solution much faster than a South African company would.

Singh explains that TatvaSoft SA  is a join venture with the Bosasa group and is now part of the group of companies. The reason for this is that  “the Bosasa Group is a government affiliated company that offers services to the public sector.”

Bosasa Group - Government and Public sector outsource developement

Therefore, Tatvasoft is currently working on projects in the Private Sectors that include the Presidency Office, Ministries, Municipality Councils, creating E-justice applications for Department of Justice, Correctional Services and the list goes on. The impressive resume of Government departments is as a results of Tatvasoft’s venture with Bosasa Group.

Tatvasoft is now expanding their offering beyond just Government and Public Sector but into the Private Sector too.

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