How to get into Blogging and App Development ?

How to get into Blogging and App Development ?

Its a brand new year and what better way to open the year than with the first official episode of my show “Talking Tech” with the TechieGuy show on “unradio show on ? <insert applause here>

Every week on a Monday between 10 and 11am, we discuss tech news, event, devices, gadgets and other tech stuff that we all need to know about and not just the geeks !


cliffcentral-Tanya- 5 jan 2015On the 5th of Jan 2015, we kicked off with the fabulous co-host Tanya Kovarsky (on the left) and Duncan (the magic maker-producer on the right), we chatted about those New Years Resolutions dealing with those who want to get into a new career or at least supplement their paycheck with an additional  income stream.

What about Blogging? – can you earn money from a blog ? can you get free stuff ? what do you need to do to be ontop ?

cliffcentral-watt - 5 jan 2015

We also spoke to Quentin Watt from JoziTuts who runs a highly successful YouTube channel teaching anyone how to program – all for free !

Have a listen:


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