Get a Disposable Email address and check is a website down or just you

Get a Disposable Email address and check is a website down or just you

There are two things that irritate me when I am online. The first is trying to access a website and I get no response from the site – is the site down ? should I wait? could it be my Internet connection? who knows ??? The second irritation is having to give my email address when completing online forms that don’t require the company to contact me eg. read a document that needs a “registration” – why ?

So here are two great websites, the help me deal with my frustration:

Is it down or just me ?

I often happily browse a variety of websites and then I encounter one that doesn’t load. I try hitting the Refresh button on my browser and still nothing. Now I start to check – is my connection the problem or is that site down ?  This is especially true when I check my own website and it doesn’t load –then it is panic time !

But panic no more, I head over a website aptly named Down For Everyone Or Just Me which is found here:  (if that that doesn’t load and no other sites load then it is probably my computer. Stay calm. Reboot and if still not working call your Techie).

When I am on the site, I simply enter the website address I want to check  eg.

Is it down or just me ?

Hit the or Just Me? link and then you will see this message:

Is it down or just me ?

Or if the site is down (or inaccessible) then you will see this message:

Is it down or just me ?


Disposable Email

Sometimes I just want to read something and it required registration which means handing over my email address. Why should I add my email to yet another SPAM list ? Entering a fake address doesn’t work as they usually send a link to verify your address first.  Drats..

So the solution I found was a disposable email service. This services give you an active and valid email address on their website with a catch – this email address is only valid for 10 minutes which makes it ideal for these verify-link-situations.   Now just enter the temporary email address into the registration form, and wait for the link to arrive. Once you are done with it, the email and email address will be deleted.

There are lots of services, but the one I use is : 10 Minute Email which can be found here:

10 minute Disposable Email


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