Gareth Cliff is Bigger, Bolder and Uncensored and a pulling tool for WeChat

Gareth Cliff is Bigger, Bolder and Uncensored on WeChat

What do you do when you are Gareth Cliff, an outspoken radio celeb who has a lot to say about everything and whose no-hold-barred commentary keeps him on the knife’s edge of getting suspended daily? Simple – you open your own Radio show but only this time you set up shop in the no-mans land that is the Internet “free from restrictions or BCCSA complaints” as Cliff comments.

Internet Radio is not new. But what is new is the way that Gareth is going about reaching mass audience as Gareth is using WeChat app with an Official Account.

In my previous WeChat article, I outlined that WeChat is not just an Instant Messaging platform, but has so much potential for brands and now Gareth is taking that channel and running his brand with the platform.

According to the press release:

“It’s not just about streaming. That’s only the beginning of the experience the CliffCentral OA on WeChat has to offer. A mash-up of functionalities will be available via the OA on WeChat: think voice and video clips from the CliffCentral team, the Poll with Mol, vouchers, chat groups etc. This is not radio as we know it.”

As the official advert started making its round on Social Media for Gareth’s WeChat channel people have been speculating about what is Gareth is up to now after his sudden departure from 5FM.

Update 16 April 2014: If WeChat was looking for a way to gain mass appeal, it would seam that Gareth Cliff is the perfect pulling tool. It can’t be a coincidence that since the announcement of the upcoming Gareth Cliff show people are reporting more and more contacts are now on WeChat.

Looks like Gareth has some of his 5FM breakfast team join him in his new venture. Fellow presenters include: “Leigh-Anne Mol, Damon Kalvari and Mabale Moloi will be an integral part of The Gareth Cliff Show on CliffCentral from 6am – 9am from May 1st.”

To follow Gareth, open WeChat and look for CliffCentral  when you add a contact or scan this QR code:

Gareth Cliff is Bigger, Bolder and Uncensored on WeChat CliffCentral QR code

I look forward to seeing how the show develops and equally how the Gareth’s targeted subjects will react (read as Government and other plonkers). Having WeChat and other social interactions will allow Gareth and his team to have his finger on the pulse of the nation.

So love him or hate him, Gareth has not gone away. He is going to be bigger and bolder and live on Worker’s Day, 1st May – only now, he can tell us what he really thinks !


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