For free Wi-Fi there is MasterCard

For free WiFi there is Mastercard

There is great news for all MasterCard customers that are heading over to the UK – free WiFi !

MasterCard has partnered with The Cloud, a British Wi-Fi Hotspot provider, to allow its customers free internet access at the thousands hotspots available in public places. Its like our South African AlwaysOn.

To make use of this free service, simply download the Priceless London app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once downloaded you will need to register for the service whilst still on home-ground before heading over to the UK and of course require a valid MasterCard account.

The app will then guide you to the nearest hotspot and once within reach you will automatically be logged on without needed a username or password. The app will even share promotions based on your specific location. the Priceless London app cleverly keeps the location of the hotspots on the device so doesn’t require an internet connection to find…eh…an internet hotspot – a concept that other similar apps fail to grasp.

For free WiFi there is MastercardFor free WiFi there is MastercardFor free WiFi there is Mastercard


Even Free is Worth Complaining About

For free WiFi there is Mastercard

For free WiFi there is Mastercard

Of course with every free-stuff there is the opposite and equal nay—sayers  who voice their concerns about the speed and quality of the internet at these public hotspots. However, are a traveller to the UK converting South African Rands to Pounds at some insane rate, given the option of spending hundreds of Rands per Megabyte on your SIM card or a “slow” free internet connection, I know which one I would opt for. Besides, the term “slow” is relative – compared to South African copper ADSL, a fibre based Wi-Fi  should be very nice indeed. Did I mention its free ?

So next time you head out for a a Pret sandwich or a CafeeNero cappuccino in London, enjoy your free connection thanks to your credit card provider.

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