FNB makes proximity payment to each other possible

FNB proximity paymentFNB is just hitting all the right buttons.  So not only can you switch to FNB with a touch of a button, not only can you get the new iPad or any tablet from FNB, not only do you get a proper mobile app, but now you can also make payment to one another without the need for an NFC chip.

Yip, FNB, is launching a new method of payment  that allows any users of the FNB mobile app to make payments to one another without needing to give each other banking details – they just have to be next to each other.

This system is based on the fact that the phones have GPS capability and therefore the system “knows” where both parties are. The FNB mobile app takes care of the authentication of the person who is initiating the payment.

since it hasn’t officially been launch yet, this is happening on Wednesday, rumour has it that there is no cost for transfers and I am sure there will be a limit on the amount that can be transferred.

Once again, FNB is charging ahead with innovation !

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