Feature shootout: Vine vs. Intagram Video

Vine vs Instagram

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then video paints a thousand pictures” this is going through my head as I start to play with the recently launched instant video sharing facility from Instagram. Video and sound really do  add substance to the “wish you were here” moments.

Sharing video clips is not new. We have been doing it via YouTube and via Facebook, however these can be cumbersome and usually require high-bandwidth to upload and render those massive files.

Sometime we want to share a quick clip with out family and friend. This is best done via a mobile such as Vine. An app that is optimised and geared for exactly that.

Both Vine and Intagram are great apps and have appeal to both both individuals and companies. It is just a matter of time before we see quick 15 second commercials shot and shared by brands.

As I being to explored the Intagram Video I cant help but notice how it is similar in some ways to Vine and in other ways it is vastly different.

So here is my Intagram vs. Vine shootout:

Recording Video

Vine Intagram
The recording screen is simple – it shows the rear-facing camera.
To record a video simply hold anywhere on the video screen and as long as your finger is pressed it will record.
screen shows the rear facing-camera and to record a video you need to tap and hold the camera button. Tapping anywhere on the screen will refocus the picture and adjust the light and exposure too.
Recording Time: 6 second Recording Time: 15 seconds
If you made a mistake, you can not go back to that section an rerecord from there. You have to start again. If you made a mistake, you can go back to the last recorded section and delete just that part and then start shooting again.
No ability to use the front facing camera Can choose to use the front facing camera
Vine vs Instagram Vine vs Instagram

Processing Clip

Vine Instagram
When you are done shooting your clip, the application beings a quick rendering process When you are done shooting your clip, Instagram open up a Filter Screen with 13 different filters to apply to your video clip. As you tap on the filter it applies to the preview screen so you can instantly see what the effect looks like.
No ability to choose a cover shot You can choose a cover shot for your video clip and it doesn’t have to be the first frame but can be any shot from anywhere in the 15 second clip.
Vine takes you to the sharing screen where you enter a caption and the ability to post to Vine ,Twitter and Facebook Instagram takes you a sharing screen where you can add a caption, a Photo Map and the ability to share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare
Vine vs Instagram Vine vs Instagram
Vine vs Instagram Vine vs Instagram
Vine vs Instagram Vine vs Instagram

Timeline Feed

Vine Instagram
Vine timeline has only got video clips When you scroll through the timeline you now see both static and video Intagrams. The video clips have the universal Play triangle on the top right.
When you tap on the clip you can pause it and another tap starts it again. You can not restart the clip from the beginning When you tap on the play button the clip start and you can pause the clip at any point. You can not restart it from the begging.
As you scroll down the next clip just starts to play when you hover over it for a bit As you scroll down you have to press play on the button as clips do not start automatically.
Clips load quickly and instantly begin to play Clips can take a bit of time to load before they begin to play. The icon starts out initially as a video camera pics and only when it is downloaded does it change to the Play button.
Clips automatically loop Clips stop when they are done
Vine vs Instagram Vine vs Instagram
Vine vs Instagram

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