Facebook to launch its own browser

A Facebook Browser ?

Hot on the heels of Yahoo! web browser announcement and stats that shows that Googe’s Chrome is the most-used browser, it looks like the rumour mill has started to churn rumours of a Facebook browser.

According to PocketLint: A Facebook browser that would allow you keep up to date with your social life from in-built plug-ins and features on the menu bar could be on the cards. Pocket-lint has heard from one of its trusted sources that the social networking giant is looking to buy Opera Software, the company behind the Opera web browser.

And why not ? It makes complete sense. Facebook is on a shopping spree with Glancee, Instagram, Own branded Facebook Mobile Phone and so a Desktop web browser would complete the “I control you & how you access information” eco-system.

Google has done the same thing with Android, Chrome and Google+. Single sign-on. Once you are in, you can access any part of the Google empire without having to constantly sign in and out. The systems recognises who you are and simply opens up your personalised space be it Google+ or Gmail or Drive

So why wouldn’t Facebook do the same ? Instead of making Facebook a destination that you go to with your browser, why not open the Facebook Browser where it instantly logs you into your profile. You can now do your traditional “Facebook stuff” and without leaving Facebook you can surf the web. See a photo you want to people to see, there will be a LIKE button – regardless of where the photo is. See a story you want your friends to read, click the SHARE button etc.

In fact, if Facebook does launch its own browser, then the line between Facebook and a “traditional” web browser could be very blurred that we will see Facebook as THE internet and gateway to information and no longer a bookmark that you click to.

The main reason this would triumph where other fail is because you don’t need to  “invite your friends” as you do with Google+ or Microsoft’s So.cl  – Its not a case of “build and they will come”.  The masses are already there.

Facebook has the user base to gain instant market share. There are over 900 million Facebook users around the globe who open a web browser just to get to Facebook.  Give those users a customised browser that IS Facebook & instantly you grab a huge market share. If I was Google or Microsoft I would be more than a little bit worried….

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