EMC offers a unique 1 Million Dollar Guarantee

EMC offers a unique 1 Million Dollar Guarantee

EMC offers a unique $1 million guarantee

“This is Las Vegas so lets put our money where our mouth is” says David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure at the annual company conference  EMC World where I was fortunate to attend as a guest of EMC. David issues an unheard of guarantee of confidence: “EMC is offering $1 million dollars to the first customer that can prove their XtremIO system’s inline data services have switched off, been throttled back or defaulted to a ‘system garbage collection’ state.”

This was received with spontaneous applause from the approximately 12 000 people at the event.

So what does that mean in plain simple language?

As all of us are moving firmly into the technology age the amount of data that we produce and the amount of data that services providers have to store and manage is becoming ridiculously large. When you preform a search on a search provider, or when you preform a look up on your account with your bank or when you request an online book shop for a specific book, the underlying systems have to search through all the data to come back with results. It also needs to come back with the results instantly or else you will take your business elsewhere. So businesses have to invest in systems that can not only store these large data sets but are also able to search through these quickly. Importantly businesses need a solution that can grow with their business as their data grows.

This is where EMC’s product XtremIO inline data services become critical as they offer the consistent high performance required.  “regardless of whether the array is idle, busy, empty or full – it’s an architectural ‘must have’ for all flash arrays.” confirms Goulden. XtremIO arrays are created from building blocks called “X-Bricks” that are each a high-availability, high-performance, fully active/active storage system with no single point of failure.

By offering this $1 million guarantee what EMC is actually doing is exposing the shortcomings of their competitor solutions.  David sums it up as “we are happy to put a million dollars on the line to make our point and make the market aware of the distance that exists between XtremIO and its competitors.”

EMC offers a unique $1 million guaranteeEMC offers a unique $1 million guarantee

EMC’s XtremIO $1 Million Guarantee begins now and runs until September 30, 2014. Get all the details here.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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