Do Not Disturb–Techies Working @Garage48


Time check: 21:22

Deadline: 22:00 – checkpoint

General Sentiment: “oh sh*t – we better get moving

I am at Garage48 at Vodaworld where six teams are battling it out to produce their prototype and get it ready for the Checkpoint demonstration. Some teams are on track, some have tweaks to make & others are rolling with the punches trying to catch up due to scope creep.

As time is ticking away, the room is getting quieter and more focused only interrupted by sporadic laughter and occasional “YES its working”.

Full steam aheadtaking it in their pacecoding awayDont distrubCoding awayDebating on how to do itTeams workingStory boards line the walls

Then the moment of truth had arrived – its demo time

One by one the teams presented their apps, website, Mobile, Tablets and answered questions from other teams as well as from the Garage48 Mentors.

Having seen the rough demo, I am looking forward to seeing the transformation into a final product tomorrow. For me its time to head home – for the teams, after the coffee break, its time to head back to the laptops and code away…

Tomorrow is “Judgment Day” where all fine tuning needs to be complete and the various Tips that the Mentors gave need to be tightly woven into the presentations. Each team has 3 minutes to present their product and less than 24 hours left – no pressure !

tick tock tick tock…

Mentors giving adviseGotta keep fueledIts Demo timeApp demo on iPadDemo on the small screenBet you didnt see a demo like this beforeTeam work !So this is what a Tablet is forshould have also used a tabletFull support from all teams

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