Cool Tool: Torrent directly to your Dropbox

Boxopus - download torrent directly to Drop Box

This is a cool new tool – those who download Torrents have to install software software on their desktop and then connect  to torrent sites to download software.

Not anymore. There is a new service called Boxopus.

What is it ?

In a nutshell: it downloads Torrents directly into your Dropbox.

Whenever you do it, he’ll grab the file you need and put it in your Dropbox in a little time. You’ll like Boxopus if you prefer to store files on a cloud instead of your computer. From now on you don’t have to download files yourself, – you don’t even need to have a torrent-client! Our Boxopus will do the job for you with little effort!

How does it work ?

Boxopus - download torrent directly to Drop Box

Try is out:

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