Cell phone Accelerometers – what are they thinking ?

Mobile phones are coming out with accelerometers built in (which is basically a device built into the phone that “tells” the phone which way it is being held up, down, left, right, moving etc.)

This opens up a new opportunity for developers to design new application that take advantage of this technology and whilst I am sure there are some serious applications that can be written such as making your phone into a Spirit Level so that you can hang your wife’s picture straight (very important app !!), there are many Fun applications that can be written such as a this one –

This is an example of an application created in 16 hours at the mobile developer event – Over the Air in London. The techies used that accelerometer, Bluetooth and python coding skills to create “PhoneFight” – a sword fighting game using your Nokia N95 device.

Now if this can be in 16 hours for Fun app, imagine what can be done to design other real apps…
Here is an example of someone controlling a Robot by turning his mobile phone – so now we start to get real clever…

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