Christmas tech gift ideas 2018

12 BEST Tech Gift Ideas for him and her 🔥 An Ultimate what to buy Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

It happens every year. And this year was no exception. Around the beginning of December, my emails and DMs start receiving a constant flow of messages asking for the best […]

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how to use the pixel 3 screen call function

How to use the Screen Calls with the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL

It happens to everyone. We get comfortable on the couch, popcorn in hand, the remote in the other; ready to watch our favorite show. This is the exact moment that […]

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7 questions IGTV did not discuss which could be critical to win over YouTube Creators

The battle for attention has taken a new turn! Instagram has announced IGTV, a platform allowing creators to upload 1-hour long videos instead of the current 60 seconds video clips. […]

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How Digitata Insights used gamification to donate 120,000 liters of fresh water (and win Festival of Media Global Awards)

It’s hot. You fee like a nice chilled glass of water so you head over to the tap. Simple right? Well, flowing water is a luxury that not everyone has. […]

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Not buying the iPhone X and what you should know beyond the iPhone X hype

By now pretty much everyone has covered the latest Apple announcement. If you don’t know about the new flagship iPhone X phone, then you probably don’t care and have been […]

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Takealot brings flash-mob gaming to Johannesburg – WIN Takealot Vouchers

When you mix the right ingredients together, amazing chemistry happens. This is one of those times. I partnered with and embarked on a super-secret mission. Here is what I […]

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Review: The ZTE Blade X Max is as cool as it sounds

The ZTE Blade X Max is a superb phone with an incredible battery that students and professionals will love. Oh, and it is a 6-inch large phone but without the […]

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FNB app is packed with nav» motoring goodness

Recently FNB introduced its latest collaboration with Wesbank, nav» Car, on the FNB app which we had to take out for test drive! The nav» Home option on the FNB which was released […]

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