uber lyft new years safety 2020

10 Uber and Lyft safety tips everyone should know

After the big “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Happy New Years!” and badly mouthed “Auld Lang Syne“, it will be time to head home. You will be doing the right […]

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common holiday scam

3 VERY common Holiday Scams to be aware of

It’s the Holidays which means we are getting ready to wind down and take some time off to relax with family and friends. It is also the time of year […]

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CES 2018 what to expect

10 pro tips everyone attending CES should know – #CES2020

CES 202 is coming up and the tech geeks have already begun their pilgrimage to Las Vegas ready to get a glimpse of the latest and the greatest that the […]

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email do not do tips

10 Email Mistakes You Are Making When Pitching Your Business To The Media

It’s almost CES 2020 and once again it happened. Around this time every year, the press emails start making their rounds to inboxes announcing new products, invitations to schedule meetings […]

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grumpy man

Ok Boomer – You don’t understand internet syntax

So not to sound like that guy that screams at the kids to get off his lawn, but sometimes that is how I feel when I read comments on my […]

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business process whiteboard

How to optimize business processes systems for success

When a business starts out, the last thing the founders think about is processes – they have a business to launch so its all-hands-on-deck as everyone scrambles to do whatever […]

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Android 10 features you need to know

10 New things you can now do in Android 10 that your couldn’t do before

We now have Android 10. But so what? What has changed? What can you do now on your Android 10 that you couldn’t do before? According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, […]

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Best cyber monday black friday shopping for best deals

5 Cyber Monday Shopping Hacks and the BEST Tech Deals From Around The Web

You can’t open your email or browse through any social media without seeing a Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. They are everywhere and if you are not in the market […]

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