Can South Africa become a cashless society ?

Can South Africa become a cashless society ?

Talking Tech with TheTechieGuy on CliffCentral

Cashless society.

This is what all the great trend predictors say we will soon have. A cashless society is a situation where we will not have cash or credit cards anymore but our entire payment system will all be electronic. Banks will simply be instructed to transfer  money from our account to another’s account. This instruction will happen via our computers and via our mobile phones. But how real is this ? And are South Africans ready for this ?

On Talking Tech with TheTechieGuy on CliffCentral, Darryl Linington (Online Editor for IT News Africa) and I spoke to   Vuyo Mpako,Head of Innovation and Channel Design at Standard Bank about their mobile payment option Snapscan and MasterPass.

Vuyo Mpako,Head of Innovation and Channel Design at Standard Bank Snapscan

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