CamMe is the best selfie app–Ellen should have used it for the Oscar selfie

CamMe is the best selfie app you can download

The selfie trend is clearly not going away anytime soon.  The problem with the selfie is that you can only fit just so much into the pic as the length of your arm will allow you to. Typically, the selfie-taker tends to look for flattering angles that will not only place him/ her in the pic but will also show the background and/or what they are wearing. A real challenge trying to squeeze all of that into the pic especially if you have short arms. CamMe is the best selfie app you can download !

CamMe is the best selfie app

CamMe is a free app (currently only iOS) that allows the user to take pictures of themselves by using hand-gestures. The selfie-taker, launches the app which opens the phone’s front camera.  The iPhone is placed up against a chair/ couch/ object and the selfie-taker steps away from the device and can still see themselves in the phone’s screen. When they are ready to snap a pic, the selfie-taker simply holds up their hand and then closes the fingers info a fist. The CamMe app, then snaps the picture.

This apps allows you to snap not only yourself, but is also great for those group photos without leaving one friend out to take the photo. If Ellen used this app to snap her Oscar Selfie, then perhaps everyone would have been included in the pic and not rely on Bradley Cooper’s arm to be longer !  The CamMe app has won the “Most Innovative Mobile App” at the Global Mobile Awards, held at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona. A prestigious awards against very tough competition.

Gesture Everything

CamMe was developed by PointGrab which is a company that specializes in gesture recognition. The technology is based on the hand shape and motion detection algorithms that works together with a standard 2D camera and therefore devices such as PCs, TVs, and Mobile phones and Tablets are ideal platforms for the point and gesture tech.  PointGrab has already integrated its tech with brands such as Samsung, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo and others.

The CamMe app has been downloaded by over a million users and has a 4+ rating on Apple’s App Store.

Download the free CamMe app from iTunes here .


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