Calling all developers for a mad 10 hour developer jam session

Are you a developer with MAD skills ?

Can you program with HTML5, C++/Cascades or even Adobe AIR ?

Then you are perfectly qualified to develop Blackberry Apps using the tech you already know !

Blackberry is hosting Blackberry Jam Session in Cape Town on the 3rd of November where you have only 10 hours to come up with an idea, create the business model and develop your app, in teams of 1 to 6 people.

Of course there are loads of prizes : BlackBerry Jam Session badges,BlackBerry Trophy,BlackBerry Dev T-shirts,Success stories and Interviews,Partner’s kits,BlackBerry Developer Kits,BlackBerry PlayBooks,Cash prize for Best App etc. etc.

and everything you need to help you and your team rock the project including the most important Geek food: plenty of pizza, coffee and drinks.

Check it out here for more info:

Blackberry Jam Session - Cape Town 2012

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