BlackBerry Z3 comes to South Africa

BlackBerry Z3 comes to South AfricaBlackBerry Z3 comes to South Africa

BlackBerry has officially unveiled the  BlackBerry Z3 device in South Africa. The BlackBerry Z3 is the first device that has originated from the 5 year partnership agreement that was announced in late 2013  between BlackBerry and Foxconn. BlackBerry has outsourced all the manufacturing of their devices to Foxconn at their facilities based in Indonesia and Mexico. The BlackBerry Z3 took only 5 month to come to light due to this relationship with Foxconn.

The Z3 was originally intended exclusively for the Indonesian market and was known with the internal name as the “Jakarta Edition” however BlackBerry clearly has seen South Africa as a similar market and hence the next market to receive the Z3.

How does it compare ?

The BlackBerry Z3’s appeal is in its price compared to its brothers the BlackBerry Z10 and the Z30. It runs the latest Operating System 10.2.1 just like the high end Z30 does and is almost identical in size too both being 5 inch devices. The Z3 has the slowest processor of the bunch at 1.2 GHz and has 1.5 GB RAM compared to the 2 GB Ram on the Z10 and the Z30. What it does have is a good 2500 mAh battery that gives it a good advantage as an all day device.

Here are the comparison specs in full:

BlackBerry Z3 comes to South Africa compare specs to Z30 and Z10

BlackBerry Z3 comes to South Africa

Some Key features:

  • 5 inch touch screen
  • Messaging Hub that consolidates all the messaging such as Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc.  and  allows you to filter your messaging such as show only the unread messages with a pinch.
  • BBM with Channels
  • Blackberry legendry keyboard that allows up to three languages to be typed and recognised at the same time.
  • Storymaker (my fav app) allows to create an HD movie from your pics that you can share on YouTube.
  • Browser is still the best on the market
  • Learns who you share with and in what app so it automatically makes those available.
  • Run Android Apps directly on the device

How much ?

The BlackBerry Z3 is priced at R2999 and is available from Vodacom from mid July on the Smart S plan at R249 per month. During the month of July there are over R400 paid-apps available to download for free.

I assume the other networks will be available from the following months

Stay tuned for a hands-on review.


  1. I bought it two weeks ago !!! Very satisfied with the purchase !!! Very nice phone, with a good price on . The quality is better than in rivalov. Priyatny very body material !! Not a bad screen, moderately heavy. Immediately after power on is updated with a new firmware, supports Android applications, has a built-in application store.

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