Blackberry updates the Blackberry 10 toolkit

Blackberry updates Blackbbery 10 toolkit

On the 31st of July 2012, BlackBerry® 10 Jam is landing in Cape Town with a splash and a bang where the new Blackberry 10 platform will be unleashed on the local developer community.

Cant wait to see what the new platform has to offer.

For those who are attending, and those developers who can’t make it, Research In Motion has released today  an update of the BlackBerry 10 developer toolkits so you can get your hands on system today !

The toolkits are available in beta as free downloads from

The update adds a wide range of new features and enhancements. What is most exciting are the two key sets of APIs for BlackBerry 10 developers –

1. Application invocation framework, which will allow BlackBerry 10 applications to seamlessly interact with each other

The application invocation framework will give developers the ability to tie their applications to native BlackBerry 10 features and to other applications, providing a seamless and flowing experience for customers. Developers will also have access to a greater pool of sample apps and examples in both native and HTML5 development.

2. Push APIs that let developers leverage the global BlackBerry infrastructure to send notifications and other content to BlackBerry 10 devices.

These new Push APIs will allow BlackBerry WebWorks and Adobe® AIR® developers to leverage RIM’s unique push technology and infrastructure in order to push content from their application servers directly to end users, enabling instant access that engages and connects customers with their applications.

In addition to the BlackBerry 10 developer toolkit updates, RIM is also opening the BlackBerry App World™ Vendor Portal for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha test devices. The portal will now allow developers to target the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha test device for applications, allowing developers with BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha test devices to share and access each other’s applications and see what their peers are doing with the platform.

Are you an “old school” HTML developer ?

If you are “old school” and are used to HTML, there is even more good news – you can use your skills to easily develop a Blackberry App. BlackBerry WebWorks allows developers to use HTML5 and CSS for building apps and provides JavaScript bindings to native device APIs along with open source UI toolkits such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha and RIM’s own bbUI.js, to create applications with native-like capabilities,

The BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK will now support the invocation framework and applications can also be registered as targets for invocation by other apps. Web developers can also access new APIs for push, swipe down events, and context menu.

[more info: Please visit the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog: HTML5 Support and Web Development for BlackBerry 10 ]

Native Developer ?

In addition to the Invocation framework for seamless app integration, the BlackBerry Cascades application framework for C/C++ or Qt developers features new pinch gesture support for zooming and large improvements of the UI look and feel. The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK has added API support for NFC, Cryptography, Audio Manager, Slogger2 and Notifications Manager.

[more info: Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog: Native Development for BlackBerry 10 ]

Android & Adobe AIR developer ?

The BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe® AIR® and the BlackBerry 10 Runtime for Android Apps tools have also been updated with the AIR tools now supporting both Push APIs and the invocation framework. The Android tools now support: in-app payment; camera; and multi-window support APIs.

[more info: Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog posts on Android and Adobe AIR updates for more information on support for developers.]

Check out some of the Developer Success Stories to get an insight into how other developers are finding the new Blackberry Platform and just how simple it is to become an App developer with very little skills.

I will be at the Blackberry Jam and will be Tweeting live from there so follow me on Twitter @Liron_Segev to get the latest and greatest from Blackberry.

Blackberry updates Blackbbery 10 toolkit

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