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Blackberry Playbook: A work horse, Media Center & Games Console thanks to a cable

Blackberry Playbook - connect to TV

Whilst the tablet wars are going on with everyone bringing out smaller and smaller tablets, I have a little chuckle as I pull out my Blackberry Playbook and I wonder what the fuss is all about.

Since RIM has released their new OS version 2.1 the Playbook has time and time again been my default go-to tablet when I travel. Its size, its speed, its hardware and the fact that is uses normal micro-usb are all great incentives for me to make it my travelling companion. It has never let me down either as you can see from my previous posts about the Blackberry Playbook and my initial take on the Playbook 2.0

So here is one more reason why I heart the Playbook:

My kids were driving me insane cause they wanted to watch a movie and there was nothing on TV so I decided that a portable Media Player for my movies and music would be the solution to end the madness. Just one condition: it has to be portable. I carry enough tech with me, I dont want yet another charger and yet another power cable. When I looked around, all I found was expensive Media Centers (costing around R1500) that because of their electric adaptors to power them up made them unsuitable.

Then it dawned on me – my Playbook. It has everything already built in so if there was a way to extend the image from the Playbook onto a screen that would be ideal. After couple of emails to a very well placed contact, I was directed to a website and a quick R99 cable from HD Cabling allows me to plug the one end into the Micro USB on the Playbook and the other end into the HDMI slot in a TV. Instantly I have my portable media with me that I can project onto any screen. What a winner.

Blackberry Playbook - Remote ControlBlackberry Playbook - Remote Control

To get real lazy, you can bridge the Blackberry phone to the Playbook and use it as a wireless remote and control it completely from the little phone. I now lie in the bed of the hotel room and launch my Videos on my Playbook and even able to surf the web or play some games. I even presented work using this method.

Just a note: I need to state that I don’t always use my Blackberry phone with the Playbook and  the only functionality you lose it the “Blackberry as a remote” and of course any Blackberry services such as BBM – but everything else that the Playbook has to offer still works like a charm including Emails, Web browsing, apps etc. So for those of you who don’t have a Blackberry phone, that is not an excuse not to look at the Playbook for your next tablet.

The only problem I have now is that my kids have monopolised that Playbook and are beating my high score !

Blackberry Playbook - Playing Games ShadogunBlackberry Playbook - Playing Games Shadogun20121030_152426

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning tech blogger, YouTube strategist, and Podcaster. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging way that non-techies can relate to. He also drinks way too much coffee! @Liron_Segev on Twitter

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