Blackberry App World tip: How to reset a Blackberry ID & password

If you are desperately trying to log into App World to download your apps or update your currently installed apps, you will need to log in with your Blackberry ID and password .

But What happens if you forgot your ID and / or password ?

It seems like you are not alone and many people have forgotten their password or are having issues with their Blackberry ID. So for all those who have mailed me (and those that haven’t) here is How to reset a BlackBerry ID password :

Just like all “websites” that have a “I have forgotten my password” facility so does App World. Here is what you do:

  • On your desktop fire up the browser and go to : (by the way: you can use this link on your Playbook or Blackberry phone too)
  • You will be asked for your BlackBerry ID email address and to enter the CAPTCHA characters, then click the Submit > button

Blackberry App World password reset tip

  • You will then get an email confirming your password reset and it will be  delivered to the BlackBerry ID email address. (for security reasons, it will NOT come to your phone so have your PC on standby)
  • The reset email will come from [email protected]
  • Once you click on the link in the email it will open up the rest page. You will be prompted to enter the new password and click on the Submit > button
  • You then done and ready to roll !

Don’t forget you can log into your App World from a desktop browser:

Check out the other “how to fix an issue with App world” : App World is not available for download on BlackBerry App World


  1. The all above information given to reset Blackberry Id is really wonderful. I had forgot my BB password & I was enable to Login & really frustrated that what should I do in that case. I went to Service Centre also but all were helpless. Then finally I decided to go on Web for searching my solution. and I found which helped me a lot to resolve my issue. I got the same solution mentioned above. I followed these all steps & Finally I received my Password.
    Thank God

  2. Only works if u have wifi connection on your phone! As I’ve been triying reset my password as forgot but to no avail keeps saying I must be connected to wifi I do not have a pc so I cannot connect to wi fi . It doesn’t work in any coffee shops or the 02 store wifi its self! They tried downloaded new software got to 89 percent n stopped wouldn’t move past it! Took 3 hours to get there ended up doing next day on guru laptop! I also couldn’t get password via wifi after new software either. So u can only do it via pc which I don’t have access to as library don’t allow it classed streaming media will have go back 02 again. I’ve tried a internet cafe but blackberry doesn’t recognise email address! Fed up as do not have telephone line literally no line to my home but – still could not access internet as dongle doesn’t work in my area! Can’t win.

  3. It asks for a secret question, and that too I forgot the answer to. How do I get passed this and reset my password? It keeps locking me out for 15 minutes every time I enter it incorrectly.

  4. Hi I am also stuck at the same point.I filled in My BB I’d and the CAPTCHA letters,it then takes me to answering my security question,which I do not know the answer for.Can someone please assist as I’ve tried on numerous attempts and failed.I am not getting any reset confirmation email 🙁

  5. Hi Mandy.I just wanted to find out,did you manage to reset your blackberry password without answering the security,if you have please tell me how to go about doing it

  6. Please I upgrade my blackberry passport I can’t be able to log in because I forget my password for my blackberry I’d ..I can’t access the mail I used to create this I’d ..pls I could you help me pls

  7. How do I get into the numeric 4 digit password to switch on the blackberry playbook. The message on the screen says “password required (6 of 10)” Enter blackberry to continue. However when I enter the usual 4 digit password, it tells me incorrect password. However, it does not reduce the number of attempts.

  8. I forgot my password and security question’s answer, the worst thing is that i have the same password to the email i am using. I still cant reset if they send me the confirming number. What should i do?

  9. Howdy, I found an old Blackberry Bold of mine and the screen does not come on but when I plug it into my computer it seems to work however I have forgotten the password and that’s the only thing preventing me from accessing my files.

  10. Hi, ive been really struggling with my blackberry Q10 because i cant reset my blackberry ID because it was a old friends email adress that the phones linked to so i cant recover my password because my friend doesnt use that email and is over seas, i wanted to know how would i be able to update my app without loosing any information on the phone like convo’s etc? it wont allow me to login with a different blackberry app username but the other linked email, please would someone help me

  11. Hi, i have been realy struggling with my blackberry curve because i cannot reset my blackberry ID because it was a old email address which is no more in use for a very long time. i cannot recovere my password because neither the email address. This problem will not allow mw to long to my blackberry messenger. Please would someone help me.

  12. I recently switch devices,was able to use my bbm on new device using the same blackberry ID however accidentally switch back to blackberry however dont want to use it on the blackberry,i tried switch again to the new device,it says invalid Blackberry,How can i go back to the new device.

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