Banking on a plane ? what the F…???

did I miss something ? did I slip into some time-warp where things just aren’t right ? or maybe my comma has really kicked in ?

This is a good one (sarcastic tone) – ABSA, has introduced a new banking facility – on a plane. They will allocate two seats on each of the 1Time airline flight for their Bankers. They will be equipped with a laptop and a camera (what for don’t know) and will be able to :

““It is about providing services that would include attending to customer complaints, opening of various types of accounts and applying for various types of loans and providing financial advice as a whole,” says Bev Counihan, GM for the bank’s group service innovation.”

what the F…. ???? what could possibly NOT wait until you land ????

the longest flight in South Africa is 2 hours (give or take). How often have you flown and had a thought midflight ” Gee I wish there was a banker on the plane because I absolutly need to open a savings account RIGHT NOW ???” I would hazzered to guess – never…

And another thing – what about the confidentail info on that laptop ? untill the poor chap/lady synchronises it with the main ABSA server, that laptop (and carrier ?) has a huge target on it !

this is just bad bad bad…

The only thing I could think that I might want on a flight is to draw out some cash…nah scratch that…every airport in SA has ATMS !!!

is it just me or did i miss something ? anyone ?

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