Avoid traffic by video conferencing and working from home

Avoid traffic by video conferencing and working from home

Avoid traffic with video Conferencing and working from home

You just need to take a quick look at Twitter in the morning to realise that the morning “rush hour” is no longer a joke. From ridiculous delays, to accidents, to road closures, to lawlessness of road users – it is like CARmagadon out there where its an achievement just to make it to work unscathed…

Avoid traffic with video Conferencing and working from homeAvoid traffic with video Conferencing and working from homeAvoid traffic with video Conferencing and working from home

Never before has it made more sense for “working from home”. In fact, according to the Global Workplace Analytics, from 2005 to 2012, telework grew by close to 80 percent in the USA where companies realise that instead of having an employee sit in traffic for 2 hours in the morning, they could rather be working on their laptop.

This trend is only going to increase with the continued growth in remote software and video conferencing technologies as South Africa’s internet continues to evolve from copper ADSL to Fibre.

Video conferencing is an amazing tool for the work-from-home employee because it delivers the accessibility of a business meeting without the hassle of the office or the commute. Many complex jobs and strategies are nearly impossible to convey and collaborate on without the aid of extra-textual communication mediums; video conferencing eliminates this barrier.

So now the big question: How to convince your boss to let you work from home ?

The boss is in charge. Remember that. So start by explaining the benefits of working from home and the fact the not only are home-workers more productive but they cost the company less (no need for a desk, telephone, IT cost, coffee etc.).

Ask for a trial period where you would start work at the normal time from home and then come into the office after the traffic. Set an end date to the trial where the boss could look back and see that in fact your work did not suffer and then ask for an extension.

Remind the boss that he/she could cancel this experiment at any stage should he/ she find your work to be lacking. Obviously during this trial period – go out and over achieve !

forwarding this post to him/ her to show the benefits of working from home:

Video Conferencing vs. Text

Video conferencing grew as a response to the need for improvement over text-based Internet communications. While chat rooms and emails are great, instantaneous, and moderately effective tools for conveying information and coordinating strategies, they have many shortcomings. Meanings can be lost and the intentions could be misunderstood.

When people communicate face-to-face, a great deal of information comes not just from what’s said, but from how it is said, from the context and of course from the body language too. Context is provided through hints in the body language, facial expression, tone of voice, timing, and other valuable cues that we naturally tune into.  The American Psychological Association has published a significant amount of information on the importance of facial expressions and communication. Humans are hard-wired to pick up on these, as in survival situations, a properly interpreted message is vital.

The Comfort of Home

Another benefit of avoiding the commute is stress. According to Daily Mail  traffic and is a major source of stress  . By avoiding the complications of traffic, home video conferencing greatly improves workers quality of life . It’s difficult to imagine an office that’s more comfortable and welcoming than a home. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to see why home video conferencing is becoming the preferred method of communication for so many working professionals. At home, the employee is in total control of the environment. Food and drink are just a few steps away, as are other amenities.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently published a study that found a vast improvement in productivity when employees worked from home. Video home conferencing allows employees to work in the environment of their choosing while connecting with coworkers around the globe. That’s a powerful tool indeed. These are some of the reasons that lead people to work from home with Blue Jeans and other video conferencing providers.

The Environment

When video conferencing from the home, another major barrier is lifted: the commute. We should all be concerned with our environment and this not sitting in the car for hours can only be good for the planet.  In our major cities, smog is visible especially during the morning and afternoon “rush hour” commute – that can not be healthy for anyone.

The Mindset 

Working from home needs to be a mind-set too as it is very easy to waddle into the “office” in your Pyjamas or simply sleep in a bit longer as no one will know.

Therefore, the secret for working from home is to set the alarm as you do for work. Get up, and complete the morning routine exactly as if you are about to drive into the office. After all you are heading to work just without the drive. Its easy to be distracted from work if you are in your PJs but  a different mind-set when you are dressed for work.

Video Conferencing also ensures that you have your regular meetings and people can see you – so look the part. You wouldn’t dare walk into work without shaving or brushing teeth or brushing hair – so the same rules apply for working form home.

The other end of the coin is that you need to separate home and work. Workers at home, tend to work longer hours than those in the office which is a win for the employer but the family life can suffer.

I tell the clients I consult to that “With great flexibility comes great responsibility”. Working from home allows you to be flexible in your schedule, but it also means you need to be disciplined to complete your tasks – or else the commute to the office is just one phone call away from the boss.

now go and set up that meeting with the boss – for added motivation, simply click on this link every morning to see what others have to put up with !

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning tech blogger, YouTube strategist, and Podcaster. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging way that non-techies can relate to. He also drinks way too much coffee! @Liron_Segev on Twitter

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