Avoid braai blunder with these portable Bluetooth speakers from Civvio

Civvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kitCivvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kit

There is nothing more South African than an evening with friends, an open fire, beer and great music.  Its in our DNA. Beer, Braai and Potjie are practically a religion with heated arguments if there is even a hint that the braai-master doesn’t look like they know what they are doing.

Recently I have noticed that technology has managed to penetrate even this pastime. If you look around the campfire, everyone has their mobile phones and soon enough little pokes about the “kak (rubbish) music” start. Each person claims to have “da best tunes china” on their mobile phones but phones are not loud enough for everyone to hear the new Jack Parrow tune.

To avoid a total Braai Blunder there is are 4 options:

Option 1 – Purchase a system that allows you to dock your phone so it plays your music through it. These systems range in price from cheap to the not so cheap. The downside is that you no longer have the phone with you for those Tweets and Intagram photo moments when things get out of hands.

Option 2 – Plug the phone into a music system via the auxiliary cable. Same problem as above – the phone is now stuck far away from you and you realise that you no longer know what to do with your hands.

Option 3 – A set of Bluetooth speakers form Civvio which are specifically designed with the nomadic Braai-er in mind.

Civvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kitCivvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kitCivvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kit

The first thing you notice about the speaker system is the casing. There  is a protective case that engulfs the dual-speakers when they are not in use. The case also has a hand-strap and a carabiner so that you can clip the speaker set onto your backpack or onto a tent with ease.

Civvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kit

When you open the case, the dual-speaker system are ready for any Bluetooth device to be paired with it. This eliminated the games of “pass the speaker” as everyone’s phone can pair with the device to play their tunes (not simultaneously of course).Once these are paired simply hit the play button and the Civvio speaker magically takes over. I managed to pair various tablets, my laptop and various mobile phones.

The two 3 watt speakers have a great sound quality with no distortions and no feedback. There is even a volume up/ down button on the speaker itself so you can turn up a great tune and turn down a bad one!

As an added bonus, the same speaker system is also a hands-free kit. Once paired with a phone, calls can be answered by tapping the Phone button on the speaker set. The calls I made and received using the hands-free option did not suffer from any call quality loss.  Having a portable hands-free is a superb feature when I travel and hire  a car that doesn’t have a hands-free kit. This is also comes in handy when the phone is charging inside and I can still answer calls without leaving the steaks to burn on the fire outside.

Civvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kitCivvio Bluetooth speakers and hands-free kit

The entire system is charged via a USB cable (unfortunately NOT microUSB) and on a single charge I managed to get around 6 hours worth of music which is plenty of time to keep the festive braa-ing atmosphere alive. Chances are that you will run out of beers before the music dies – another unforgivable blunder that tech has no solutions for. Yet.

The Civvio Bluetooth speaker system is available for R499 from their website or from Due South retail shops. A good investment in a set of dynamite speakers.

Its Competition Time !

Update – 7 August 2013: Those cool people at Civvio saw my Tweet and this post and have offered a lucky reader an opportunity to win a free Bluetooth Travel Speaker and Handsfree kit !

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