Outlook Calendar Tip: How to set up meeting without the “are you free on xyz” date ?

Meetings are unfortunately part of our lives. We meet for all sorts of reason to discuss all sorts of things.

But what a mission it is to set up meeting – You email your client suggesting a date and time, they email you back saying they can’t make that time and propose a new time. However that time now clashes with your appointments so you email back suggesting a new time and so on and so on and so on…

Now this problem is compounded when it comes to setting up meeting with more than one person ! AND even worse, if the people are not from the same company  – Oy Vey !

Now, if you are running Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 – this task has become easier.

with Outlook 2007/2010, you have the ability to email your calendar (without the details) to whoever you are trying to meet. They are able to see when you are FREE and when you are BUSY and they are able to suggest a time that would suit your diary ! Genius !!!

How to do this:

Open a new Email and address it to whoever you are trying to meet.

Click on the body of the email and type in some intro text.

Click on Insert and Select Calendar

Select the Date Option (Tomorrow/ Next 7 days/ Next 30 days/ Whole Calendar/ Specific Dates)

You can then select the amount of Details to show in the Calendar (no details, some details, all details)

Click on OK

Outlook will then insert into the body of the email, your Calendar.

The final step is to send the email

This is once again simple and very effective tip to make setting up a meeting MUCH simpler !

If you prefer, simply follow this instructional Tutorial on this clip:


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