Apps World – One more sleep…


Apps World has finally come <gulp!> so tomorrow is the big day – looking forward to it !

Cape Town’s weather forecast looks awful however when I landed I was greeted to a nice break in the weather and the sun came out to play Smile

Cape Town mountain viewCape Town mountain view

With a great view like this from my Hotel balcony, it can only be a sign of good things to come !

Waterfront in Cape Town

Tonight, I sat at the Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront “just chillin” (literally) overlooking the Cape Town’s ‘eye’  and went through my notes for tomorrow’s session. After grabbing some dinner, at the table next to me was a guy working on a Mac who had an Android phone connected to it and a Android sticker on the Mac so I figured that he must be in town for the conference. We started chatting and sure enough he is attending tomorrow’s Social Media World Forum conference.

The one thing I love about a conference of this magnitude is that it brings together people from all over the country and the world. People from all different background, companies, “seniority” level all come together to increase their knowledge, share their experiences, have a laugh or two and go back to their regular lives having made some new connections. Love it.

For those of you who are here in Cape Town – see you tomorrow at my session (

Those who are not, watch this space as I blog about the conference and follow me on Twitter @swiftsms

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