All Galaxy Note II now get free turn-by-turn navigation

Navigon on Galaxy Note II

Samsung is making sure all their Galaxy Note II people dont get lost! Samsung SA has partnered with Garmin Southern Africa in true Oprah-Style-Look-Under-Your-Seat-Now to offer the Garmin Navigon navigation app for FREE on all Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The NAVIGON by Garmin application is currently available for download from the Samsung Apps store. Once the app is installed, users only need to download all the available local maps once – through their Wi-Fi connection.  If you havent got your hand on the NoteII yet, in the future, new Galaxy Note II devices will soon come out with the NAVIGON application pre-loaded. Now thats a sweet deal for both Garmin and Note users.

Having the app offline, means that route changes will often be taken into account faster, since route calculation will be done on the device without being dependent on network coverage.

Included are on-board NAVTEQ maps of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Furthermore, the following features can be found through this application:

  • 2D & 3D map view
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance
  • Intelligent Address Search
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Weather Live
  • NAVIGON MyRoutes: recommends the best route every time, adapted to your personal driving style.
  • NAVIGON Reality View Pro: thanks to photo-realistic displays of exits and the actual junction number, you’ll be able to follow the signs.
  • Last Mile & Pedestrian Navigation: guides you along the last meters of your journey to your destination after parking your vehicle.
  • Google Local Search: users have instant access to the most up to date point of interest (POI) search results**
  • Google Street View: Shows real pictures of the destination and its surrounding, where Google Street View is available. This feature requires an online connection mobile network coverage and data charges may apply**

Further features include navigation to contacts, coordinate input, automatic day and night mode and much more.

Additional premium features and services allow users to customise GARMIN’s NAVIGON app to meet their specific navigation needs. Three premium packages are available and can easily be added to the application by using the in-app purchase feature:

1. The Safety & Relax Package (R156.00): provides Lane Assistant Pro, Red Light Camera Warnings, School Zones and Speed Warnings.

2. The Sound & Fun Package (R104.00): adds text-to-speech, announcing street names in addition to directions, and International Voices with different dialects, to lighten up the journey.

3. The Cockpit Package (R53.00): displays relevant driving data in real time on a cockpit-like screen. Captured data includes gForce (current and maximum value), speed, horizontal and vertical position, and an adjustable speed and altitude graph.

4. The Super Package (R312.00): includes the Safety & Relax, the Sound & Fun and the Cockpit Package at once.


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